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chibbers down my spine bone

you got me chakin' all ober

Tenenbaum, M
30 October 1985
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my name is mayzie, and i'm 23. i like stickers and pugs. in my pictures it looks like i be doin' da damn thang, but i am weary. them young girls, they do get weary.

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, 'nillers cola, andy warhol, bad dancing, bad porn, baking, bargains, bass lines, beastie boys, beeswax, ben gibbard, bill cosby, black eyeliner, blythe dolls, bracelets, brand new socks, bread, caribou, champagne, checkered vans, cheese, chopsticks, christmas lights, chubby boys, coffee, common sense, conan o'brien, cooking shows, costumed animals, cowboy boots, cuddling, dave eggers, david letterman, david sedaris, ddr, decorating, degrassi high, demeter perfume, doll houses, fabric, fashion magazines, ferris bueller's day off, food network, free food, french toast, gay dolphin pair bonds, ghost world, glasses, godiva, golden girls, grapefruit, harvest moon, harvey milk, high fashion, high fives, hoarding, interpol, interview magazine, iron chef, jack black, jackass, japanese candy, japanese fashion, jasmine, jaunty scarves, juice, katamari damacy, kevin spacey, kitchenaid mixers, lacoste, lip gloss, lotion, macaroni and cheese, mail art, makeup, making out, mallrats, margot tenenbaum, martha stewart living, meat, mexican food, milk glass, milkshakes, mix tapes, modest mouse, mtv2, music videos, noodles, nyan nyan nyanko, office supplies, oprah, paper lanterns, pastry, pbs britcoms, pearls, pee wee herman, perfume, pho, photography, pickled foods, polaroids, pot pie, pugs, raspberries, relaxing, rushmore, sack stickers, salt and vinegar chips, san-x, sandwiches, sanrio, sarcasm, se7en, seduction, sex and the city, shoes, showers, sim city 2000, simpsons, slow jams, smartfood, smoothies, snacks, sock monkeys, sofia coppola, sourdough, spike jonze, spooning, strawberries, subway, sunblock, sushi, tattoos, thai food, the baumer, the cosby show, the dollar store, the royal tenenbaums, thrift stores, tiffany jewelry, trip books, underpants, usacolle friends, vanilla, video games, vietnamese sandwiches, vinegar, virgin suicides, waffles, water