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i almost forgot to post this year! i was talking to my dog about my… - chibbers down my spine bone [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Tenenbaum, M

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[Dec. 31st, 2016|07:03 pm]
Tenenbaum, M
i almost forgot to post this year! i was talking to my dog about my new year's eve reflections & i realized i should be giving my reflections to you, dear lj.

while 2016 was definitely a bummer year for the earth, it was actually a pretty good year for me personally. i started working downtown in the spring and while it was hard to leave my old store, i've never been happier at work. i finally got a passport so i could go to mexico for a good friend's wedding in november. since i don't speak spanish & i've never travelled internationally i let carlos plan the whole trip and i had the best time. it was exciting to surrender myself to a new culture and i think i did a good job being a respectful tourist. it defo got us wanting to travel more.

culturally: i'd consider this a short attention span year in terms of our entertainment. we watch more youtube than anything, and the chromecast is considered a sacred family member. we also got back in to console video games, which is somewhat unexpected but not surprising considering we've been so phone-centric for the past few years. carlos got a raspberry pi and filled it with every game we could ever want from arcade thru ps1 so i started playing pokémon crystal in anticipation of pokémon go. i started to really miss our wii (it still works but the disk reader is broken) and we keep joking about getting an xbox but that's not realistic right now. animal crossing was haunting me so i broke down and got a 3ds (just yesterday actually 😬), which i call a game boy because "new 3ds xl" is the dumbest name i've ever heard.

to counteract all the action movies & nerdy youtubes i watch with/without carlos, i started getting deep into the bette davis/joan crawford catalogs. that's super fun, and just makes me look up more directors & movies. my favorite oscar nominee was brooklyn, but that came out last year so whatever. my favorite movie we saw in the theatre was hunt for the wilderpeople, which i hear is on hulu so plz check it out.

i've been thinking about lj more since jane boston (sorry i don't know how to link to accounts anymore) invited me to the secret lj facebook group. this was fun, maybe i'll do it more often! i do snapchat hardcore (👻mayzface) and i preserve my stories on tumblr (mayzsnaps) if you can't deal but plz learn to deal cuz it's very fun.

so nothing AWFUL happened to me this year, i feel quite stable and satisfied in most aspects of my life, and somewhat productive in my lazy hermit way. the biggest fail i can even think of is that i fucked up the the brain & rebecca's baby blanket, but even then i think i did it subconsciously to have an excuse to make them a better one. see, bright sides! optimism! hope & prosperity! safety & wellness! these are the things i want to manifest for 2017. even though i have nothing to complain about, i am glad to be done with this very scary & creepy year & i can't say i've felt that way before.